P10007: Mechanical Spine Platform


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P10007 - Mechanical Spine Test Platform

P10007 - Mechanical Spine Test Platform

The intent of this project is to design and build a test platform that will mimic the actions of a human spine. This design will incorporate movements in three dimensions, while being able to independently measure the angles and movement. The purpose of developing this platform is to calibrate existing measuring devices in use at the Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic.

The goal of Assistive Device projects is to apply technology to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, and the development of technologies related to the broad field of bioengineering. In addition, the projects serve as real life product design applications that enhance the education of the student team. The National Science Foundation helped fund this research and build.

In addition to building a prototype device for a patient, this project also launches the Assistive Device Roadmap for the future. The intent of the roadmap is to pinpoint "enabling technologies" within the Assistive Devices field that can be explored further. An enabling technology is a modular technology that can be applied to a variety of projects in the past, present, and future. Also, projects relating to the Assistive devices track will begin to spread to other year levels in the RIT Engineering curriculum.

While completing the specific guidelines developed for P10007, the group will also develop their own enabling technology specific to the project. This technology will be available for MSD projects in the future.

Marketing Video: Project Commercial

Group Members

  • Jeff Rebmann (ISE) - Team Lead
  • Rob Bowman (ISE)
  • Irma Bocova (EE)
  • Chris Rowles (ME)
  • Kyle Pilote (ME)
  • Phetphouvanh "Awt" Phommahaxay (ME)
Project Name
Mechanical Spine Test Platform
Project Number
Project Family
Assistive Devices
Start Term
Fall 2009
End Term
Winter 2009
Faculty Guide
Dr. Beth DeBartolo (Mechanical Engineering)
Technical Consultant
Edward Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic

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Project Readiness Package (PRP)
Assistive Devices Roadmap
Mission Statement
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Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure
Team Values and Norms
Required Resources
Project Readiness Package (PRP) Team Documents
Project Status Update Presentation (MS Powerpoint)
DPM Final Project Presentation (MS Powerpoint)
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Objective Tree (MS Powerpoint)
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House of Quality (MS Excel)
Multi Disciplinary Senior Design I Multi Disciplinary Senior Design II

Project Planning

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Concept Level Design

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)

Concept Design Review Documents

Detail Level Concept

Final Concept Selection

Validate Final Concept

Bill of Materials

Preliminary Test Plan

Detailed Design Review Documents

Project Planning

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Project Budget

Technical Conference Publication

2-page P10007 Summary

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Final Project Review Presentation

  • Includes design recommendations for future iterations

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