P10008: ArcWorks Cap Tube Assemply


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ArcWorks is an organization that provides employment opportunities for developmentally disabled adults. This project addresses manufacturing cell within ArcWorks where workers assemble and test a plastic bottle used for medical application. The process consists of an ultrasonic welding station, a testing station to test the effectiveness of the weld, and a series of secondary assembly and packaging steps. Currently ArcWorks uses a very manual and time-consuming process for testing the integrity of the weld. In this test the welded part is submerged under water and pressurized air is applied to the assembly to determine the presence of leakage. This testing station presents a significant bottleneck in the process and limits the productivity of the work cell. The main objective of this project will be to develop a test fixture to improve the efficiency of the testing process. A secondary objective is to analyze the assembly process in its entirety to identify other opportunities for process improvement.

Project Name
ArcWorks Cap Tube Assembly
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Assistive Devices
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Matt Marshall(ISE)
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Sanjay Palit
Primary Customer
Tricia Nenni, t_nenni@arcmonroe.org, 698-1329
Dennis Hezner, 698-1327

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