P10008: ArcWorks Cap Tube Assemply

Staff Roles

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Matthew Marshall ISE
  • Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Sanjay Palit
  • Faculty Consultant, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
Adam Janicki ME
  • In control of maintaining sample parts from ArcWorks as well as acquiring more parts as necessary
  • Order the necessary components for the design, keeping with the project plan to ensure long lead-time items are ordered in advance.
  • Use software to take design ideas and put them into a 3D Design.
Andrew Lawlor ISE
  • Project manager for P10008 and primary contact for ArcWorks
  • Process analysis and design of current ArcWorks assembly line as well as future concepts.
  • Will maintain in CADD the layout of the assembly line as well as conduct time studies as needed.
Christopher Somers ME
  • Use software to take design ideas and put them into a 3D Design.
  • Build the prototype using machines located at the RIT facility or going elsewhere when needed.
  • In charge of constantly updating and maintaining the risk analysis of the project using the template found on the MyCourses webpage.
John Zeffer ME
  • Control all documents through Edge, specifically loading them into the system, maintaining any living documents as well as proofreading documents before posting.
  • Write the test procedures for the mechanical design aspect of the project.
  • Specialize in understanding the needs of the customer and designing procedures of testing and building to conform with the customers needs.