P10010: Motion Tracking Sensor
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Week 4- Tuesday Jan 5th, 8-10 PM


  1. Break Assignments
    1. Sara Transcript

Cory sent the transcript from Sara's meeting to David.

  1. 3 Risks

Human related...sensor related...etc. Something we have to do later- probably for the end of quarter review.

  1. Page 2 for Target Specs

We should add specific benchmarking for sensors, etc. Going over sensors:

David: Nike Accelerometer: Possible benchmark solution. We need to look at how exactly it works to find the speed. http://businessboard.com/content/wearable-wireless-human-motion-sensor: We can contact them and try and get the name and type of sensor they are using. It is very much what we are looking for.

Janvi: Flex sensors. Potentiometers. Rotary sensors. Accelerometers.

Jim: Xsens: Rechargeable. Can plug in any other sensor they have. It is wired, however. It is also available in OEM (just the circuit board. Under Pojects-> MTi OEM) NavChip: Super small, but probably very expensive. A far out option.

Cory: (links 2-4 is possibly out of our project needs since they are electromagnetic). Janvi and Cory will narrow the list of sensors on Thursday/ before this Friday.

Assis: Some really good sensors in the sparkfun.com.

  1. Generate Product Concepts
    1. EE- Janvi and Cory:

Come up with 7 bare bones, and 7 already existing systems on Thursday.

      1. CE
      2. ME
    1. Meeting with Dr. G?
  1. Sensors
    1. Go over sensor links as a team
    2. J- update? Need more help researching? Quantity!
  2. Systems Level Design
    1. Will be next Friday. Goal is to present all of our concepts, get feedback, then narrow down to our detailed design (end of quarter presentation)
      1. Read deliverables page- on MyCourses or Mark Smith's recent email
    2. This Friday- preparation
      1. Test Method- replace feasibility analysis
  3. Project Plan
    1. Need to add "test method" plan
    2. Need to ensure that the plan meets our needs and not HI team


Some of the team members will meet Assis before this Friday to finish up the project plan. -Waiting on Assis's availability. Expect an email.

Deliverables due Friday