P10010: Motion Tracking Sensor
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Week 8- Friday Feb 5th, 10-12 (Nazareth Visit)

Questions for Sara/Topics to Discuss

-Also, You can mention to her that with the 6 DOF sensor, it becomes very accurate. -Might be worth printing out the datasheet for it to show her?

  1. What kind of "Extreme" motion should we test? Do you have a specific kind of test process for a patient?
  2. If we use the off center attachment method, can we make it a uniform location for all patients? Or will it be unique for each person?
  3. With the triangle method of attachment, can we treat it as a rigid body?
  4. What is zero for most people?
  5. Discuss Amplifiers/Filters (as requested by Sara)

-We most likely wont need amplifying or much filtering, if so easy to implement and test with components in lab.

  1. Clarify triangular sensor arrangement

-Also, she mentioned the triangle system, how many regions is most likely to be looked at? i.e. upper lumbar/lower lumbar would require (2) 6 DOF sensors (I need to know this when looking at power consumption)

  1. Rank customer needs again (bring copy of needs)
  2. Can we use your VICON system or P10007's spine fixture to test our sensors?
  3. Do you know anything else about Dr. Heiderscheit's system? IDEEA?

-The single 6DOF sensor is around $125.00, plus whatever wires and the microcontroller around $150.00-$400.00, Is Sara fine with that amount of money going home with the patient?