P10010: Motion Tracking Sensor

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Three Week Project Plan
Person Week 0->1 Tasks Week 1->2 Tasks Week 2->3 Tasks
Everyone Team Introduction

Review Project Readiness Package

Clarify Team Roles and Responsibilities

Agree Upon Team Values and Norms

Visit Nazareth College PT Clinic*

Sensor Research

Develop Customer Needs

Pre-Existing Solutions Research

Visit Nazareth College PT Clinic*

Continue Sensor Research

Finalize Customer Needs

Develop House of Quality

Brian Glod CE
  • Data Lead
Select CE Faculty Consultant Research: CC3D v. Own Method

Research: Crosstalk/Filters

Select Programming Language/Interface

Propose Benchmarking for Data Subsystem

Present Possible Data Subsystem Solutions

Assis Ngolo CE
  • Communication Lead
Select CE Faculty Consultant Research: Communication Methods:


Research: Communication Components

Propose Communication Benchmarking

Present Possible Communication Solutions

Jahanavi Gauthaman EE
  • Sensor Technology Lead
Select EE Faculty Consultant Lead Sensor Research Efforts Lead Sensor Research Efforts

Propose Sensor Benchmarking

Update Team on Sensor Research Results

Goal to test Sensors by WK6/7/8

Cory Laudenslager EE
  • Microcontroller Lead
Select EE Faculty Consultant Research Pre-Existing Microcontrollers

Formulate List of Needed Components

Propose Microcontroller Benchmarking

Present Possible Microcontroller Solutions

James Stern ME
  • Sensor Interface Lead
Interact with Interface Team Get more detail on What Customer Wants (Constraints) Research: Spine/Limb Kinematics

Research: Sensor Placement/Configuration

Follow up with Interface Team

Propose Interface Benchmarks

Present Possible Sensor Interface Solutions

David Monahan ME
  • Team Leader
  • Enclosure Lead
Organize meeting with Nazareth PT Clinic Research: Microcontroller Enclosures

Research: Sensor Enclosures

Follow Up with Nazareth PT Clinic

Propose Enclosure Benchmarks

Present Possible Enclosure Solutions