P10011: Motion Tracking Human Interface

Plan for First 3 Weeks

Basic 3 week Plan

see Work breakdown for greater detail

Weeks 0>1 tasks Weeks 1>2 tasks Weeks 2>3 tasks
  • Team Intro
  • Schedule weekly non-friday meetings
  • Assign roles
  • Meet with P10010 team
  • Schedule interviews with Nazareth Clinic staff
    • Coordinate interviews with P10010
  • Analyze current Motion tracking system's interfaces
  • Review project planning documentation
  • Benchmark current interfaces between patients and medical equipment
  • Visit Nazareth College PT Clinic
    • Coordinate visit with P10010
  • Determine preliminary needs
    • discuss needs with PT clinic staff
  • Determine Preliminary work breakdown
  • Use Preliminary needs to create Preliminary specs
  • Plan weeks 4-11
  • Meet with P10010 team
  • finalize needs
  • Finalize work breakdown
  • Begin concept development
  • Meet with P10010 team
  • Peer reviews

agenda for first meeting