P10021: VAD Electronics Packaging

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Table of Contents

DDR Information

Presentation Packet:

PDF Format

Meeting Notes:

Overall Schematic

Need to be able to hand off our MSD1 to someone else to be able to build

How did we decide to remove the diff amps?

Removing diff amp board

Design change

System architecture 18 outputs (0 to 1V, rated for 0 to 2V)

Relay 3.3V

Converter 14.8V can run the entire system?

Battery regulator: Need at the start of the line (on battery pack)

Impeller speed comes from HESA

PWM output to bearings

Motor controller has different rate than PWM signals

Ground may introduce interference (discuss with Dave)

Isolate grounds

Left hand side of the schematic extra line from converter to LED

2 buttons (not 5)


Need to figure out connector space

Only need 2 fuses (not 4)

Only need 1 capacitor equivalent to the currently existing 4

Need to incorporate connectors for plan B

Why no display?

Engineering spec on rotation speed display?

If customer asks for something far along in the design, need to make a decision on whether it would cause more problems

Ask for the data that the signals are correct instead of just taking Dave or Steven's word.

Take it if the data doesn't exist (but this shouldn't be the case)

Steven: Diff amp removal hasn't been done before, how do we know it's going to work?

What data do we need to see that the microcontroller would work?

Whether or not the microcontroller can output good enough signals



Battery worn

Suggested charger: TI chip (talk to Cheng and P10022)

Battery life board on the battery pack or case?

How is it electrically connected?

Put buzzer on on battery life board with silence button.

How would alarm turn off in general?

If it's easy, make it more ergonomic

No circuit in the battery, have one picked out.

Other teams have batteries here, can we use them?

Battery connector


Steven: How did you pick the wall thickness

Lowell: Paper used similar wall thickness

What is the temperature inside the internal box?

External connectors don't have to be for 2A

Infrared LEDs!??!!?


Fix architecture (Team)

Discuss ground

Microcontroller revisit (Mike)

Battery ergnonomics, ???, regulator (Evan)

Internal box heat (Lowell)

Resulting Action Items:

Item 1: Fix system diagram

Item 2: Create 2D enclosure diagrams

Item 3: Discuss ground

Item 4: Battery package ergonomics

Item 5: Battery charging device

Item 6: Battery life board

Item 7: Battery case

Item 8: Battery system schematic, detailed

Item 9: Battery-Enclosure wire

Item 10: Wall connection method

Item 11: Determine better component method attachment

Item 12: Revise Risk Management

Item 13: Determine cost of "commercial production"

Item 14: Low-pass filter

Item 15: Microcontroller selection

Item 16: MSDII Schedule

Item 17: Diff amp removal test

Item 18: Determine Plan B

Item 19: Capacitor replacement

Item 20: Internal enclosure heat gen test

Item 21: New LED selection

Item 22: Risk of final case cracking

Item 23: Preliminary drop test