P10021: VAD Electronics Packaging


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The existing RIT-Ventricular Assist Device has a functional magnetic bearing controller that uses custom printed circuit board and discreet components as intermediate electronics between the pump and National Instruments A/D boards. The actual control law is executed on Personal Computer processor that houses the NI boards. We are interested in miniaturization of the PCB and identifying an acceptable microcontroller that can act as the A/D and controller so that the entire control system can be housed in a smaller package. The electronic system will consist of discreet components located in one or more of the following locations 1) packaged within the pump casing 2) within a separate enclosure that is implanted within the abdomen or 3) outside the body in a custom enclosure. Decisions as to what electronics may be enclosed within each of these three locations will be a large part of the design process. We can provide exact pinouts of all connections along with data from working (non-miniaturized) prototypes.


Project Name
VAD Electronics Packaging
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Project Family
Biomedical Device Development
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
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Project Members
Evan Sax (ME - Project Manager Role)
Lowell Smoger (ME - Systems Engineering Role)
George "Mike" Calve (CE - Software Engineering Role)
Christine Stone (EE - Circuitry Engineering Role)
Faculty Guide
Dr. Steven Day
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Rick Lux
Primary Customer
Mr. David Gomez

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