P10022: Transcutaneous signal transmission for VAD

Team Values and Norms

Weekly Meeting Time

9 AM, 4th floor KGCOE. Alternate locations may be arranged if necessary.

General Team Normals and Values

Each team member shall abide by the following principals:
  1. Respect for all group members in any situation
  2. Raise concerns and share to each other as soon as they arise
  3. Communicate with Dr. Day promptly if any needs or questions arise
  4. Be honest and realistic in reporting progress
  5. Be proactive and take initiative in order to achieve design/prototype completion
  6. Do not take things personally
  7. Promptness in communication and deadlines
  8. Take responsibility for personal actions
  9. Be meticulous in recording everything as it arises and in completing project tasks
  10. Each team member will abide by these principles
  11. Can call anytime except after 12 am. All Verizon customers.
  12. Acknowledge receipt of messages at your earliest possible convenience.
  13. Meet Tuesday mornings as needed for updates.
  14. Be present and prepared each Friday. All MyCourses information read as needed. If absent, notify group members ahead of time.
  15. If need extra help, address the issue immediately to team members.

Availability Schedule

The following schedule shows when each team member is usually busy.


Note: asterisks (*) indicate that a person may be available.

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