P10201: LV1 Platform Integration (Land Vehicle 1 Platform Integration)

Concept Development

Table of Contents

Work Breakdown Structure

Identification of Customer Needs

Needs Summary
Need Importance Description Comments
CN1 9 Use with multiple generations of components/modules.
CN2 3 Look professionally constructed and well organized.
CN3 3 Be as equal in weight or lighter than the previous generation.
CN4 3 Be equal in size or smaller than the previous generation.
CN5 9 Must be stable on a flat surface (i.e. tabletop) throughout its operating range for a variety of payloads.
CN6 9 Needs to carry and secure a 1kg payload.
CN7 9 Be open source.
CN8 9 Be open architecture.
CN9 9 Provide a portable power source.
CN10 9 Operate for a useful period of time on power source.
CN11 9 Deliver 1 platform.
CN12 3 Deliver 5 platforms.
CN13 1 Deliver 25 platforms.
CN14 1 Configurable ground clearance.
CN15 9 Easy for a first year engineering student to assemble and use.
CN16 9 Can be assembled in more than one configuration.

Engineering Specifications

Interface Specification

The Interface Specification document defines the interfaces shared between components of the LV1 Platform and the motor modules (P10202), motor controller (P10203), and wireless communications module (P10205). The LV1 Platform Interface Specification Breakdown shows the layout of the interfaces and the aspects that need to be defined for mechanical and electrical interfaces.

Functional Breakdown

Concept Generation

Concept Selection

Project Plan

Risk Assessment

Systems Level Design Review

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