P10203: LV1 Motor Controller Manufacturability (Land Vehicle 1 Motor Controller)


Robotic Land Vehicle Motor Controller

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Mission Statement: "To reduce cost of the previous RP1 motor controller created by P09204 while also improving size, performance and physical appearance."

Project Description: Work closely with LV1 motor module manufacturiblity project (P10202) and LV1 platform integration project (P10201) in order to create an easy-to-use,1 KG, modular robotics platform(s) to be used initially by freshman engineering students as a learning tool.

RP1 Gen1 Motor Controller

RP1 Gen1 Motor Controller

RP1 Gen2 Motor Controller (installed in platform)

RP1 Gen2 Motor Controller (installed in platform)

LV1 Gen1 Motor Controller (Designed Board)

LV1 Gen1 Motor Controller (Designed Board)

Project Name
LV1 Motor Controller Manufacturability
Project Number
Project Family
Modular, Scalable Open Architecture Robotic Platform
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Phil Bryan (ME)
Industry TA
Leo Farnand (EE)
Faculty Consultant
Prof George Slack (EE)
Primary Customer
Dr. Ed Hensel (ME)
Team Members
Andy Krall (ME)
Louis Shogry (ME)
Adam Gillon (EE)
Kory Williams (EE)
Oladipo Tokunboh (EE)
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(conducted by the DPM planning team in 20091)

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