P10216: Robot Navigation Plant Platform


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The Wandering Campus Ambassador projects will develop a robot like system to raise awareness of self-sustaining energy and showcase student's creative and technical abilities.

The idea is to create curiosity through a robot like device with a living, growing and self-sustaining plant. It will wander around in a nice, slow, autonomous fashion, searching out the best sun, water, fellow plants and friendly passers-by. Act as a great (yet very quiet) spokesperson/plant for the KGCOE MSD, CCIS Software Engineering Senior Projects, CIAS Industrial Design Senior Projects and even the new sustainability programs being created at RIT.

Just think what a great news story or you-tube episode it would make. If you think along the environmentally friendly side a little, you could consider some replenishable power sources for both the robotic-like device and its plant which is not only along-for-the-ride but may guide the robotics autonomous decisions in search of being able to sustain the plant (i.e. water, sun, temperature, food).

Project Name
Robot Navigation Plant Platform
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Vehicle/ Robotics
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Faculty Guide
Prof. George Slack
Primary Customer Team
  • Prof. George Slack
  • Prof. Stan Rickel
  • Dr. Daniel Phillips

RIT Provost's Learning Innovations Grant

  • Maha Alam Team Lead CE
  • Corey Provencher Technical Lead EE
  • Alan Olson EE
  • Marcus Gwillim CE
  • Nicolas Bouret EE
  • FLORA (.... or FRED!)


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