P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)


Project Information

Project Summary:

Historically, the RIT Baja Team has had little to no knowledge of the actual output of their drive line system. They race with a standard class engine known to have variations in both horsepower and torque output.

Even with this lack of quantitative knowledge, the team remains a competition leader. It is their desire to remain on top, which means they must implement new and innovative technologies to better understand and quantify the performance of their engine.

The M.E. Department and Baja Team have hence looked to Senior Design for help in developing the technology that will make this possible.

Project Statement:

This project will entail the design, development, and construction of a test bed (with integrated data acquisition) and test procedures for the Baja Team to accurately assess the performance of their standard Briggs and Stratton Model 20 competition required engine, in an effort to remain competitive.

RIT Baja Team in Action

RIT Baja Team in Action

Project Name:
Baja Drive Line Test Development
Project Number:
Project Family:
SAE Motorsports
Start Term:
End Term:
Faculty Guide:
Chris DeMinco
Primary Customer:
Team Members:
  • Jeffrey Ryan (ME): Project Manager
  • Matt Tranter (ME): Treasurer
  • Brian Helm (ME) : Scribe
  • Chukwuchebem Orakwue (EE)

Team Documents:

Planning System Design Final Implementation

Project Readiness Package (.doc)

Project Outline

Project Plan

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property

Team Values and Norms

Required Resources

Meeting Notes

Weekly Updates


Identify Customer Needs and Establish Specs

System Level Concept Generation & Selection

Stand Concept Generation & Selection

Drive Concept Generation & Selection

Engineering Analysis

Sensors & Data Acquisition

System Block Diagram


Safety Considerations

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)


Drive System

Sensor Integration

Test results

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication

Operating Procedures


Future Recommendations

Media Gallery


Final DPM Presentation

System Level Design Review

Detailed Design Review

Final MSDII Presentation