P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)

Project Outline

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Customer Overview:

The RIT SAE Baja Team consist of students whom conceive, design, fabricate, and eventually compete with a mini off-road vehicle in the course of one school year. The object of the competition is to provide young engineering students with a challenging, fast passed, project that involves the planning and manufacturing tasks associated with introducing a new product to market. Students must function as a team not only to develop, build, test, promote, and race their vehicle within the limits of the rules, but must also generate their own financial support and manage their educational priorities at the same time. The finale comes when the vehicle is taken to competition, where it must survive an off-road race over rough dynamic terrain. Judging follows, in a variety of categories, against dozens of other vehicles from colleges and universities throughout the world. The competition has been taking place for over twenty five years and serves as a great lesson in team dynamics, while also providing a challenging engineering design test.

Baja Team

Baja Team

Project Background:

Historically, the RIT Baja Team has had little to no knowledge of the actual output of their drive line system. They race with a standard class engine known to have variations in both horsepower and torque output. Even with this lack of quantitative knowledge, the team remains a competition leader. It is their desire to remain on top. This means they must implement new and innovative technologies to better understand and quantify the performance of all available resources, in a continuing effort to make improvements. The M.E. Department and Baja Team have hence looked to Senior Design for help in developing the technology that will make this possible.

Problem Statement:

This project will entail the design, development, and construction of a test bed (with integrated data acquisition) and test procedures that the RIT Baja Team could use to accurately assess the performance of their standard 10hp Intek Model 20 Briggs and Stratton competition required engine in an effort to remain competitive.

Expected Scope

MSD I & II Scope

MSD I & II Scope



Expected Project Benefits:

Strategy & Approach:

Assumptions & Constraints:

The team will focus on design issues throughout the entire project regarding the constraint of offering a relatively quick test stand change out time while simultaneously presenting acceptable levels of repeatability. Additionally, some assumptions may likely be made to offer a level of adaptability for future Baja car components. The largest assumptions will center around the engine load scenario. The sweet spot of the dyno and ability to warm up with potential to load/unload will likely play in as well. The proposed project budget is currently $1000. Note the stated budget is somewhat flexible; however the above value matches the teams expected scope at this time.

Issues & Risks:

Full list of potential risks is available under Risks