P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)

Required Resources

The resources necessary to support successful Development, Implementation and Utilization of the project are described below. This includes specific faculty expertise for consulting, as well as the required laboratory space and equipment.

Person Description Available
Prof. DeMinco Faculty Guide Yes
RIT Baja Customer Yes
Nowak Technical Consultant Yes
Place Source Description Available
ME Lab ME dept Mills and other tools Yes
Dyno. Room ME dept Testing Ground Yes
MSD Center ME dept Meeting Area Yes
Item Source Description Available
Machines ME/MET dept Mills/Lathes/Welder Yes
Baja Engine Baja Team Briggs 10Hp Yes
Solidworks Model Baja Team Engine model Yes

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
Dyno Dyno Room Complete Dyno Yes
Fabrication Equipment ME Dept Mills/Lathes Yes