P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)


Image:Stand Final Machined.jpg Image:Stand on dyno.jpg Image:Rotated Stand.jpg Image:Stand and Handle.jpg


The final implementation of the stand went, for the most part, as expected. The main problems encountered centered around there not being enough clearance at the bolted connections. For simplicity all parts were assembled with bolts and these were thus used to locate the parts with respect to each other. To keep that location fairly accurate it was decided to keep the thru holes drilled to the same diameter as the bolt giving very little room for misalignment. In reality these positions should have been located with dowel pins where critical and held together with clearance bolt holes. In the end many of holes were drilled out to 1/32" clearance, which was accurate enough for the connections made.

Part of the misalignment was likely due to the machining process, but the rest was credited to the flatness of the material. It was not fully realized until after the machining that the sides of the stand had a flatness of .01-.02" per foot at best. This led to assembly problems and initially prevented the stand from rotating.

As can be seen in the third and fourth image the engine can rotate and be locked into position on the stand, which is due to the clearance that was added. The fourth image also shows the handle which can be easily bolted onto the engine to assist in this rotation.

Overall the stand met all the design requirements that it was intended for with very little modification. The only alteration that the design team might recommend for this assembly would be to find a way to mount and dismount it faster and easier. Six of the eight mounting locations are easily accessible, however the other two are a long reach from any location that the user can stand. This would likely require modifications to the dyno mounting plate, and thus it was not pursued.

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