P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)

Stand Concept Generation & Selection

Table of Contents

Step 1. Clarify The Problem

To design/build a stand that will unite the M.E. Dyno Lab Test fixture and the required Briggs & Stratton Model 20, 10hp engine with regards to the following parameters.

  1. Ability to tilt engine from -30 degrees to +30 degrees
  2. Easy to set-up and take down
  3. Adaptive to future changes
  4. Affordable, relatively easy to build
  5. Wont limit sensor locations
  6. Withstand vibrations and handle engine running up to 4500rpm
  7. Be Safe

Step 2. Search Externally

We were unable to find any good resources on similar projects related to small engine dynamometers. Much of what we did come across was in regards to purchasing or building a completely new system, not retro-fitting an existing system, so the external search wasn't much help. It was brought to our attention that Michigan Baja SAE does do dyno testing, so we will attempt to contact them to gain insight.

Step 3. Search Internally

The picture below shows an example of the work performed in our group meetings when trying to establish several creative concepts.

public/Internal Concept Gen.jpg

Step 4. Explore Systematically

After our group established several stand concepts, we recorded the best seven and then compared them in a Pugh's matrix form to narrow down our selection. This is shown below:


From here we honed in on the top three stand concepts and took a deeper look by weighing our section criteria:


Next, under the direction of T.A. Bill Nowak we redid the same matrix using our winner as the baseline to see if our results would remain the same. In this case they did, the hybrid stand concept The hybrid design that incorporates the positives of the other two designs continued to be the winner.


Step 5. Results of the Process


To see the stand Feasibility, please follow this link: Engineering Analysis

Step 6. Make Improvements

Below shows the final assembly of the stand. Iterations of the design process makes for improvement as seen below:
public/Stand Improvements.jpg

Step 7. Finalize & Order

public/new stand material list.jpg

Step 8. Build

public/build progress.jpg

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