P10221: Baja 1 (Baja Driveline Test Development)

Team Values and Norms

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The following is a list of values and norms that our team has agreed upon. These values represent an expected level of performance and behavior concerning each individual member's contribution to the team. Adherence to these normal operating procedures will play a crucial role to our team's efficiency and success.


Each team member will show up to meetings on time and stay through their entirety. If an unexpected conflict or issue arises, the team member who expects to be absent or needs to leave early will notify at least one member of the team in appropriate time prior to the occasion. It is also that teammate's responsibility to make sure the message was received.

Hard Working

All team members will be committed to success and complete their agreed upon task/action item to the best of their ability. If they have failed to complete their assignment, due warning should be given to other team-mates, especially before important milestone such as: presentations or customer/factuality meetings. It is the team members, who could not complete their work or whom is overwhelmed, responsibility to pursue assistance. All other team members shall be willing to provide some level of assistance.

Embrace Teamwork

All members should contribute an equal share to the team. This collaboration of efforts will bring forth different skill sets, backgrounds, and thought processes. The team should allow for open discussion, making sure all opinions are heard. Final decisions should result from a group consensus. An effective team goes beyond individual accomplishments, sometimes personal aspirations may need to take a back seat. For a team to succeed, all members must be team players working towards a common goal.

Ethical Responsibility

All individual and teamwork should be well documented. Team members should embrace the RIT and KGCOE codes for academic honesty concerning citing sources and documenting assistance. All team members should exhibit honesty, integrity, and a positive attitude in dealings with one another, the customer, outside venders, and our faculty guide.

Final Agreement:

If a member of the team fails to hold their responsibilities outlined above, the remainder of the team shall confront the individual(s) and decide upon course of action to resolve.