P10225: Water Propulsion System for Mini-Baja


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Every year the RIT club known as Baja SAE designs a water-land vehicle to compete in competitions all over the nation. The vehicle is put through rigorous events that test the students' ability to engineer a fast durable vehicle that can be driven both on land and in water and meets certain specifications set forth by the SAE organization.

The water propulsion project focuses mainly on the water portion of the competition, in which the car has to both travel through and maneuver around obstacles in water. There are few rules that put restrictions on the design of the water propulsion system of the vehicle, so this project is very opened-ended and requires creative engineering skills.

The first portion of this project will be to design and build a testing device to measure the force of the propulsion system and will aid in designing a successful system that can be implemented on the Mini-Baja vehicle. Having the ability to test the system, as well as the knowledge acquired from the research and design of this project, will help the Mini-Baja vehicle perform better in competition and help RIT make its mark as an engineering leader.

RIT Baja vehicle in action

RIT Baja vehicle in action

Project Name
Water Propulsion System for Mini-Baja
Project Number
Project Family
SAE Autosports
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Start Term
Fall 2009
End Term
Winter 2009
Faculty Guide
Chris DeMinco
Technical Consultant
Bill Nowak
Primary Customer
Mini-Baja club

Project Team Members

Name Discipline

Project Lead: Erika Soltis

Lead Engineer: Greg Wall

Henriette Bullmer

Blaine Byers

Eric Hodgkinson

Stephanie Malinowski

Ticiano Torres Peralta

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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Current Design Testing

2/10/2010 Customer Demo (Dry Run)

2/17/2010 Customer Demo (Wet Run)

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