P10227: FSAE Variable Intake


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As each competition passes, fuel efficiency and technical superiority becomes much more prevalent in competition scoring. This senior design project will develop a variable intake system for the Formula SAE race car that will allow for increased fuel efficiency, design advancements and a greener methodology to produce more engine power.

Our project deliverables consist of increased volumetric efficiency of the engine, increased fuel economy, improved power/torque, better drivability, high reliability, manufacturability and servicability. This system would be implemented using an electronic control system that will vary the geometry based on engine parameters (such as RPM, manifold pressure, air temp) and possibly include driver inputs (throttle position/steering position for increased response time).

public/Intake on car.jpg

public/Intake on car.jpg

Project Name
Variable Intake
Project Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Alan Nye (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Mr. Chris Deminco (ME)
Primary Customer
Team Members :
Dave Donohue
Dan Swank
Matt Smith
Kursten O'Neill
Tom Giuffre

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Planning Concept Level Design System Level Design

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MSD I Task List - Kursten O'Neill

MSD I Task List - Dave Donohue

MSD I Task List - Matt Smith

MSD I Task List - Dan Swank

MSD I Task List - Tom Giuffre

MSD II Team Task List

Identify Customer Needs

Product Concept 1

Product Concept 2

Overall Design Approach

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Test Product Concept(s)

Final Specifications

System Design Review Technical Overview Packet

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Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

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