P10231: UAV Telemetry


Project Summary Project Information

This project is a member of the 09230 family of projects. The goal of the 09230 family of projects is to create an open source, open architecture unmanned aerial vehicle that is capable of carrying an imaging system. The goal of this project is to enable future projects to be able to develop control systems for self stabilizing flight and eventually autonomous flight. To accomplish this goal our team will develop a system that can be carried on Airframe A and send measurement data taken during flight to a PC on the ground in real time.

Primary Goals:
  • Send and display measurement data to a PC on the ground in real time.
  • Create GUI interface preferably using Visual C.
Secondary Goals:
  • Send inputs back to the plane from PC
  • Integrate Measurements and Controls onto one board.
Mechanical Engineering
  • Integrate system with Airframe C
  • Design Protective housing for system
  • All Necessary Pro E work.
Electrical Engineering
  • System level design of Micro controller for interface with telemetry unit.
  • Design system for switching between PC and remote control
Computer Engineering:
  • Design and Create Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Visual C.
  • Interfacing between telemetry unit and PC
  • Programming Micro controller

Specific roles and responsibilities or varying team members will be divided according to academic major and specialty.

Project Name
UAV Telemetry
Project Number
Project Family
Open Architecture, Open Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Imaging Systems
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Jason Kolodziej (ME)
Faculty Consultant
George Slack (EE)
Graduate Teaching Assistant :
Primary Customer
RIT College of Imaging Science

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