P10232: UAV Airframe C

Dr. Jason Kolodziej 1

Dr. Kolodziej First Interview

Interviewers: Daniel Graves, Christopher Barrett
Sponsor: College of Imaging Science
Date: 25 March 2009

What is the overall goal for the UAV family of projects?

Sponsor: The goal of the UAV project family is to develope a fully open-source open-architecture aerial platform for testing and aerial photography.

The UAV Airframe projects are an extension of a current Senior Design project. How is that family of projects currently progressing?

Sponsor: Currently the UAV B Airframe is utilizing a gasoline powered motor, with a projected end weight of 42 pounds. The UAV B Airframe is currently under construction, while the UAV A Frame has successfully gone through first flight testing.

What role does our Senior Design Project play in extending the previous projects?

Sponsor: We are looking to modify the current Senior Design project for the UAV Airframe B to achieve new goals of on-site launch capabilities while maintaining the desired functionality of the current UAV B platform. Additionally, we are looking for further integration of a control system with the ultimate goal of autonomous flight.

Who is the active customer for the P10232 project?

Sponsor: The active customers are myself (Dr. Kolodziej), Dr. Hensel, and the RIT College of Imaging Science.

How are the overall objectives the same or different from the P09232 project.

Sponsor: The objectives will be slightly different from the current generation of projects. We are looking for the UAV B airframe to have on site launch capabilities, and reducing the total flight time from 1 hour to around 20 minutes. The overall goal of creating a stable platform for aerial imaging remains the same.

Are there any specific improvements which you would like to see implemented in our project?

Sponsor: We are looking to change from using a gas powered engine in the UAV B platform to an electric engine. We are also looking to increase the in-house production capabilities to move toward the goal of fully open-source and open-architecture.

Who are other good points of contact for the UAV project?