P10232: UAV Airframe C


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The goal of the UAV Airframe C project is to provide an unmanned aerial platform used for an aerial imaging system. The UAV airframe must support the weight and interfaces for the designed imaging system. The aircraft must be operated remotely and be a viable alternative to current aerial imaging methods. This is a second generation airframe, expanding on the previously laid ground work established by the P09232 UAV B Senior Design Project.


Group Members:

Daniel Graves - Project Lead

James Reepmeyer - Lead Engineer

Alex Funiciello - Airfoil Design

Michael Hardbarger - Electronic System

Brian Smaszcz - Airframe

Project Name
UAV Airframe C Project
Project Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Start Term
Fall - 20091
End Term
Spring - 20093
Faculty Guide
Dr. Jason Kolodziej (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. P. Venkataraman (ME)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Philip Bryan
Primary Customer
RIT College of Imaging Science
Project Sponsor

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P10232 Introduction Presentation

P10232 Comercial

Airframe B Test Flight

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P10232 Detailed Budget

Aerial Imaging Overlay

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Dr. Jason Kolodziej 1

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Airframe C Testing

Airframe C Ground Testing

Airframe C Skip Test

First Flight Report

Airframe C First Flight

P10232 Imagine RIT Video

Airframe C Second and Third Flights

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