P10232: UAV Airframe C

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Conducted Interviews by P10232 Team

Interview with Dr. Jason Kolodziej 1

Interview with P09232 Team

Interview with Dr. Hensel

Previously Conducted Interviews by P09232 Team

Police Departments

Mr. Anand Badgujar

Mr. Steve McLoud

Accident Reconstructionists

John Desch Associates

Real Estate Agents

Mr. Len DiPaolo

Fire Departments

Mr. Dave Wardall

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Develop an unmanned aerial platform which accomplishes the key project goals while improving on lessons learned from the UAV B airframe.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

Electric Powered Flight

20 Minutes of Flight Time

Weight Reduction

~15 lb Payload Capacity

Provisions for Future Short Take-Off and Recovery System

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

RIT College of Imaging Science

Currently the College of Imaging Science rents Cessnas for aerial imaging which costs up to $8000 per mission. The goal of this project is to develop a lower cost and more versatile solution while accomplishing the same imaging capabilities.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Law Enforcement

Fire Departments

Large Scale RC Aircraft Hobbists

Aerial Research

Assumptions and Constraints

Work will be done by using the UAV B airframe as a base design and expanding upon it.

Cost of unmanned aerial unit must be less than that of a mission.


Previous Senior Design Teams

Future Senior Design Teams

RIT College of Imaging Science

RIT College of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hensel

Dr. Kolodziej

Current and Future Members of P10231 and P10232 Project Teams

Law Enforcement

RC Aircraft Hobbists

Aerial Researchers

Fire Departments