P10232: UAV Airframe C

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

Quality - All team members will display thoroughness in work presented. All assignments should be neat, complete, and checked for accuracy.

Punctual - All team members will be on time for meetings.

Responsibility - All team members will be responsible for their portion of the project, including meeting all deadlines and presenting quality work.

Respect - All team members will display respect by listening to others, respecting individuals time, and being considerate.

Transparency - All team members will answer questions upfront and honestly to the best of their knowledge. All work will be documented and placed online so no member is lacking information.

Communication - All team members will respond promptly after being contacted. Team members will be open to discussing how their work is going and frequently communicate with one another.

Ethics - All team members will act in an ethical manner and adhere to the Kate Gleason College of Engineering ethical code.

Efficiency - All team members will work "smarter not harder" through utilization of outside resources and verification of all calculations. Quality work should be on time and neat.

Team Norms

These are the Team Norms as decided by all members of the P10232 team. Some values only have a pass/fail rating where appropriate. Note: Late is defined as being to a meeting after 5 minutes of start time and reasonable prior notice is at least 12 hours in advance.
Values Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Quality This team member consistently displays completeness and thoroughness in work. All work is spell checked and neat. This team member delivers poorly done, last minute work. Work is frequently messy with numerous spelling errors.
Punctual This team member is always on time to meetings and has a perfect meeting attendance. This team member is usually on time and has not been absent without previous notice. This team member is grossly late for the team meetings or misses a meeting without prior notice. This team member is consistently (more than 2) late or absent from meetings without notice.
Responsibility This team member meets all important work deadlines with all proper documentation and research included. This team member consistently meets work deadlines, but may be lacking in documentation or research. This team members delivers completed work after important deadlines, but does not interrupt project progress. This team member does not complete work or delays the projects progress.
Respect This team member is always considerate, listens to others, and debates ideas without offending others. This team member lowers the team moral with insults, offensive speech or gestures, or does not contribute in a positive manner to team discussions.
Transparency This team member always answers questions openly and honestly. All work is documented and available online, unless not possible. This team member does not share resources and information. Work is frequently unclear in goals or method.
Communication This team member is prompt and accurate in responses. They clearly state goals, opinions, work progress, and discusses interpersonal issues. This team member is mostly prompt and accurate in responses. They discuss most personal issues, opinions, and work progress. This team member is sometimes prompt and accurate in responses. They sometimes discuss personal issues, opinions, and work. This team member rarely is prompt or accurate in responses. They never discuss personal issues, opinions, or work.
Ethics This team member conforms to all of the ethical standards outlined in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering code of conduct. This team member violates the ethical standards outlined in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering code of conduct.
Efficiency This team member utilizes outside resources in work, makes well researched decisions, and verifies all calculations and data before submitting work. This team member uses outside resources, but fails to verify some work. This team member does little outside research and fails to verify most work. This team member relies only on his instinct, uses no outside resources, and does not verify any work with evidence or calculations.