P10236: Configurable Control Platform for Unmanned Vehicles


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Sponsored by Harris RF Division

Over the past few years, through recent Micro-Arial Vehicle (MAV) and Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) related projects, RIT has been exploring the development of autonomous aircraft platforms through the Multi-disciplinary Senior Design (MSD) program. These projects have been driven by a number of factors including inter-collegiate competitions, university research, and external interest from commercial and military organizations.

During the 2008-2009 academic year, the UAV Project Family successfully flew its first iteration of airframe designs and is ready to start development of the flight control electronics. P10236 will be the first official UAV project to begin this work through the development of a versatile control system architecture/platform that provides the means to interface with various types vehicle sensors and control actuators, as well as a processing core capable of running control code to be developed in future projects.

Project Name
Configurable Control Platform for Unmanned Vehicles
Project Number
Project Families
R09230 - Open Arch., Open Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Imaging Systems
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Project Term
2009-1 to 2009-2
Faculty Guide
Dr. Jason Kolodizej
(KGCOE Mechanical Engineering)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Mark Hopkins
(Electrical Engineering Department)
Primary Customer
Dr. Jason Kolodziej
(UAV, MAV projects, ME Department)
Harris Corp., RF Div.
Team Members
Robert Ghilduta
Alex Mykta
Joe Pinzone
Jason Stanislawski
Roberto Stofla

The Master Planning spreadsheet contains all of the most up-to-date data that has been used to generate the tables of this site.

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Project Planning (MSD I) System-level Design (MSD I) Implementation and Test (MSD II)

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Systems Design Review Presentation (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Document (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Presentation (SD I)

MSD I Actionables

Final Test Plan

Technical Conference Publication (final)

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