P10236: Configurable Control Platform for Unmanned Vehicles
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Identify Customer Needs

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Gathering Raw Data: Customer Interviews

Throughout the design process, interviews were performed to evaluate the needs and requirements. Click the links below to view background information about each interviewee from the Project and Planning Resources page, or click a specific interview link for a transcript from that interview.

Raw Data Gathering / Organization

The following raw data has been gathered throughout both formal interview and casual discussion with various parties. The links below can be used to view the data before it was finalized into the developed Customer Needs list in the next section.

Raw Data
Affinity diagram

Customer Needs

Customer Needs
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The Big Picture for P10236 and Others

The image below shows the general system structure for the complete UAV control system. The telemetry and command links are wireless radio links (dashed arrows) to a ground station, which will show aircraft and controller status, as well as issue navigation or direct input commands as necessary. All arrows indicate some interface, which will require a specification definition.

High-Level System Diagram

Reflect on the Results and the Process