P10236: Configurable Control Platform for Unmanned Vehicles

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Product Description / Project Overview

P10236 will execute the design and implementation of the base architecture platform for the UAV control system. This will include both physical and electronic interfaces for vehicle sensors and control actuators, as well as a processor core to execute flight control code that will be developed in future UAV projects.

Throughout the planning of P10236, it was apparent that many vehicle systems being developed at RIT would soon be in need of a nearly identical control architecture platform. Therefore, a major underlying objective of P10236 will be to release a final product that is ultimately easy to configure for a variety of sensor and actuator combinations, provides a straightforward method for uploading the control code for the desired vehicle system, and communicates with external command and data-link modules in concurrent development. Elements of modular and expandable design practices will be necessary and desired.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

The primary business goals of this product are:

Primary Market / Project Opportunities

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Assumptions / Constraints