P10236: Configurable Control Platform for Unmanned Vehicles

Project and Planning Resources

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Throughout the project planning process, various persons, projects, and publications were identified as valuable to the project. The following is a list of the resources, their value to the project, and links to any follow-up activities.

Faculty Guide

Dr. Jason Kolodziej

Dr. Jason Koloziej is the head of the UAV and MAV projects within the Mechanical Engineering Department at RIT. Since this project is primarily aimed at satisfying the need for a controller for the UAV platform, Dr. Kolodziej is the highest authority over the needs of the project.
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Dr. Ferat Sahin

Dr. Sahin is head of the Micro-robotics Platform project within the RIT Electrical Engineering Department. This project will need one or more autonomous aerial vehicles in the future, which will need a flight controller. His projects can benefit from the type of high-performance control platform being designed by the P10236 team.
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RIT Mini-Baja

RIT's Mini-baja team will be leaning towards electronic controls for their vehicle in the near future. Much time and effort can be avoided if it is possible to design P10236 in a way that the architecture lends itself to a useful role in the core electronic controls system for the baja vehicle.
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Most Relevant RIT Projects

P09122: MAV-2

This project specifically dealt with autonomous aircraft controls. Many of the design considerations and lessons learned from this project will relate directly to the challenges that will certainly arise during the execution of P10236. The plant model that was designed in P09122 will be indispensible in the design considerations for the controller P10236.

P09233: Airframe Measurements and Aircraft Controls

This team developed the first version of the sensory feedback acquisition and processing system for the UAV vehicle. Many of the successful aspects of this project will be leveraged during the course of P10236.

P09231 & P09232 & P10232: RIT UAV Airframes A, B, and C (respectively)

These teams have been developing the actual aircraft platform for the UAV project. The controller developed in P10236 will be a payload of these aircraft. Size, weight, and power restrictions from these groups will dictate the physical parameters of the P10236 product.

P07122: Modular, Scalable, Autonomous Flight Vehicle

A notable project from the past, the Quadcopter project was executed in 2007. One of the team members, Dr. Stefan Preble, is now faculty at RIT. Documentation from this project and personal input from Dr. Preble will help in making design considerations for alternate aircraft platforms which may make use of the controller developed in P10236 in the future.

Other Faculty/Personnel Resources

Dr. Stefan Preble

Dr. Preble is RIT Faculty, as well as a member of previous Quad-copter project, referenced above. Dr. Preble has specific experience in the design of rotorcraft control systems, and is willing to lend a list of considerations for flight controls, especially for rotorcraft. Although this area is no immediately relevant to P10236, the more alternate platform models that we can analyze, the more flexible we can make the controller for implementation into alternate platforms.
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Dr. Sohail Dianat

Dr. Dianat is a professor in the RIT Electrical Engineering Department. Although he specializes mostly in communication systems and signal processing, he also has experience in control systems, and should be a valuable reference throughout the execution of P10236.

Dr. Agamemnon Crassidis

Dr. Crassidis is a faculty member of the RIT Mechanical Engineering Department, specializing in control systems engineering and systems design and dynamics. With professional experience with flight systems modeling, Dr. Crassidis will be a valuable reference for the project.

Juan Carlos Cockburn

Dr. Cockburn is an Associate Professor of the college of Computer Engineering at RIT. He has much experience with control systems, and a valuable link to CE resources that will be required to complete P10236 successfully.

Dr. Mark Kempski

Another faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at RIT, Dr. Kempski teaches system modeling, and system control - all relevant topics for P10236.

Dr. Mark Hopkins

Dr. Mark Hopkins is a professor in the Electrical Engineering department at RIT, and the Faculty Project guide for P10236. His area of expertise is control systems, and his experience in this field will be very helpful in planning the scope and goals of the project.
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