P10451: Thermo-Electric Cook Stove #1

Even More Stove Info

Common Stoves of Haiti, Photo by Jim Myers (click picture to enlarge):


useful background materials:

1) The RIT Cookstove Proposal
2) Design for the other 90 percent
3) Energy performance of wood-burning cookstoves
4) Testing & Modeling The Wood-Gas Turbo Stove
5) Thermoelectric power generation from biomass cook stoves Champier et al
6) Solid-fuel household cook stoves Jetter and Kariher
7) Philip Cookstove Patent
8) Aprovecho Research Center Cook Stove Design
9) Sustainable And Market-Based Analyses Of Cooking Technologies In Developing Countries
10) A Laboratory Comparison of six biomass cook stoves
11) From cookstoves to cooking systems - Patsari Stove Mexico
12) A great link with some research done on cook stoves
13) Video of Stove competition in Haiti
14) Rocket Stove Haiti
15) Improved charcoal stove in Cambodia
16) Haiti Outreach - Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.)