P10451: Thermo-Electric Cook Stove #1

Risks and Challenges

Risk Management

1. Cost
Between the three groups, cost is a primary consideration in the undertaking of this project. It will be important to keep in steady contact with the two other groups early in the products development to get a solid grasp on how much budget will be allotted for this specific part of the project. The other two groups take priority over ours in terms of the budget.

2. Coordination with the other groups and HOPE
Due to the size, scope, and number of people involved in this project, communication will be absolutely critical to ensure that we meet deadlines and satisfy the customer.

3. DPM's withdrawal from project due to military duty
This is a potentially serious problem. If Kenyon leaves, the work load for the rest of the group increases substantially. Kenyon is the project manager and knows the most information about this project. Kenyon also has many years of experience in emissions testing. It is important for us to hedge against this risk early in the game, and for Kenyon to give us the necessary tools we need to be successful.

4. Simplifying the process
It will be crucial for us to ensure that the test stand and methods chosen are as simple as possible while reflecting accurate data and measurements. This will help ensure that we are as time efficient as possible

5. Turn around time on data
Given the condensed schedule of this project, it will be crucial for us to be able to return data to the other groups and deliver a product for the EPA presentation in April

6. Having a finished product versus normal Senior Design Schedule
It is going to be difficult to have a finished product by April. It will take additional consideration to determine timelines for this project. Coordination with other groups will be key in ensuring we finish the project on time.