P10451: Thermo-Electric Cook Stove #1

Staffing Requirements

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Richard Lux & Robert Stevens ME Faculty Guide: Work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
John Wellin ME Faculty Consultant: Provide discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
Salinla Chaijaroonrat
ME Project Lead: Oversee the planning and organizing of meetings. Monitoring progress to ensure successful completion of project's objectives. Managing team's resources, as well as encourage efficient communication among teamwork. Representing and supporting team members in any areas of the project.
Christopher Goulet
ME Design Engineer Liaison: Coordinate with other project teams and HOPE to define customer needs, project goals, outline budget, and accomplish the mission. Assist with analyzing collected data, and presenting data to customers in regard to effectiveness of our finished product.
Matthew Labrie
ME Process Design Engineer: Develop process and procedure to perform all required testing to determine how well the project's goals are met. Ensure repeatability for each test repetition and for future testing. Adapt testing process for benchmark testing.
Everyone ME Test Engineers: Develop procedures to accurately measure desired parameters. Coordinate with design engineer in the design and construct test bench to efficiently integrate the means to acquire data on cook stove performance. Deliver data to the process engineer to analyze and disseminate to our customers.