P10451: Thermo-Electric Cook Stove #1

Team Norms and Values

Meeting Times
-Regular Meetings: Every Monday 10AM-12PM (This period can be extended as needs be)
-Wrap-up Meeting: Thursday 5-6PM, or after 8PM
-Alternate Meeting: Wednesday 10AM-12PM

Meeting Location
-Building 9 ELC

Group Guidelines for Meetings and Work Behavior
-Nobody has a bad idea. No member of the group will shoot down ideas of another person out of hand
-Be punctual
-Be responsible for your own tasks
-Communication is paramount
-No excuses, just results
-Work smarter, not harder
-No sidebars during meetings, stay on point
-Team's information and document are reflected on EDGE (Group Effort)
-Meeting Minutes (Rotational Task)
-Agenda (Project Lead)