P10454: VAD Test Loop


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Hydraulic flow loop for LVAD performance and blood compatibility testing: The hydraulic flow loop will be robust (leak proof), instrumented, easy to fill, drain, test, record, and sample blood from a Left Ventricular Assistive Device (LVAD). The VAD team will use this for hydraulic testing of prototype pumps. Additionally, the same loop should have a small enough priming volume and be made of bio compatible materials so that it can be used for recirculating blood in the experiments.

Positive/Successful Experience

Obtaining fast and accurate data results so we can provide Dr. Day with positive or negative feedback about his LVAD.

Latest Info

  • The sensors are not calibrated
  • Heater is not set up
  • Pressure sensor is not functioning properly
  • Redesign of sensor location is needed
  • Restrictor to increase pressure of system is to small
  • Wires getting tangled
  • Lab View program not working correctly
  • Quick Connects cause pressure change
Project Name
VAD Test Loop
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09021, 09454
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Steven Day
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Ed Hanzlik
Graduate Teaching Assistant
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Dr. Steven Day

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