P10458: Dresser Rand Wellsville -- Layout Design

Project Overview

Dresser-Rand Process Improvement Project P10458

Product Objective

Because Dresser-Rand has such large amounts of capital in inventory, the storage and layout of the facility can cut cost dramatically. The team will be asked to explore any and all feasible options with the current layout of the inventory area to better the flow of product and improve tracking and storage of material. In the facility there are 360 hourly employees and 160 salary employees, 16000 parts, and anywhere between 5-500 parts can be picked for any one process. Not only the process but also the tracking of the parts seems to be a problem in this area.

End Deliverable

The team will be required to submit a layout proposal with accurate justification data, operation procedures on how to maintain new culture, inventory storage racking proposals (implementation if possible), and some sort of tracking system (ex. Supermarket).

Primary Goals



Secondary Goals:

Staffing Estimates