P10459: Liner Cell Redesign and Relocation


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"For more than 100 years, Dresser-Rand has been among the largest global suppliers of rotating equipment solutions, with field-proven centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, expanders, gas turbine packages, and control systems."

"Dresser-Rand is positioned to deliver a complete package of solutions, from initial concept to equipment retirement for the worldwide oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and process industries."

Dresser-Rand has several locations in NY, one of which is in Painted Post. One of the main products of the Painted Post plant is reciprocating compressors.

HHE and BDC process reciprocating compressor

The Dresser-Rand plant in Painted Post, NY has 3 sections. They have evaluated the businesses they have at this plant and have divided them into businesses that are "core", meaning they link to the strategic foundations and core competencies of the company, and those that are non-core. In parallel with this strategic evaluation, the leaders at the plant have decided that to better use space, improve flow, and reduce costs, they should close off operations in one of the 3 sections of the plant.

The liner cell manufactures a family of products important to the plant's future and has been determined to be core (metal liners for compressor cylinders). However, part of the liner cell currently resides in a location determined to be closed off. Dresser-Rand has decided to relocate and consolidate the liner cell into a new area. The area has been roughly selected, but virtually no engineering work has been done. The cell is approximately 3000 sq. ft in size. The task is to redesign the cell, its operations, and create a plan for the relocation of the cell into its new footprint.

Project Name
Dresser-Rand Liner Cell Redesign and Relocation
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Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace
Process Innovation
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John Kaemmerlen
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Dennis Rice (DR Process Innovation Leader)
Mike Decerbo
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Dresser-Rand Corp.


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