P10459: Liner Cell Redesign and Relocation

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Table
Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance Action to Minimize Risk Owner
Injury of student or DR team member Downtime for employees, Loss of student man hours Distractions, Not following safety rules 1 3 3 Review safety procedures, do not distract others when working Everyone
Designs do not meet needs Poor grade, Dissatisfied customer Poor planning, Miscommunication with customer 2 3 6 Weekly meetings with management, be open to criticism/suggestions Team Leaders
Designs exceed budget Plan fails to launch, Wasted money, time and effort Not communicating with customer, Poor info 2 2 4 Budget review meeting Team Leaders
Downtime during movement Loss of productivity Actual move of machines, Team talking with operators 3 1 3 Detailed cutover plan with anticipated down times Team Leaders
Operators not accepting new system Project lead in another direction, Changes are not sustained Failure to communicate with operators, Disregarding operator opinion 3 2 6 Weekly meetings with operators, use their input if possible, Explain situation clearly Everyone
Layout drawings don't reflect reality Wasted time and effort, Plan fails to launch Wrong units, drawing mismatch, Human error 1 3 3 Verify drawings with actual measurements, double check measurements Layout Designer
Maintenance of tools/process after completion Downtime Poor planning, lack of research 2 2 4 Documentation of processes and tools, obtain buy in from all parties, build to last years Team Leaders
Implemented tools fail (physical) Wasted time and effort, Unsatisfied customer Poor Craftsmanship, Low reliability, Complex design 2 1 2 Maintenance documents, Proper training, Simple design, Design for robustness Tool Designers
Implemented tools fail (system/process) Wasted time and effort, Unsatisfied customer Poor training, complex design, lack of buy in 3 1 3 Proper training, Standard work documents, Operator buy in Process Designers
D-R Management Restructuring Customer changes, project focus changes Changes in plant structure 1 2 2 Risk out of RIT group's control, maintain constant communication and clarity Everyone
Failure to pass budget approval Machine configuration project discontinued Inadequate justification, DR management refusal 2 3 6 Have complete files ready for justification on device, receive buy in from multiple parties Everyone
Machine move takes longer than expected Project becomes delayed, Possibility of not finishing DR uses own personnel to move machines, Personnel not specialized in movement 3 2 6 Have all details for move ready, support move while occurring, make clear DR capabilities Everyone
Operators reject process improvements Process improvements abandoned shortly after implementation Operators and supervisors unclear on goals of process improvement, New process is not beneficial to users 3 2 6 Have meeting to explain importance, guide supervisor and operator in implementation Everyone