P10461: Thermo-Electri Cook Stove #2

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Table of Contents

Biomass Stove Information

  1. Matrix of Stove Types and Characteristics
  2. "What is an Improved Stove?" Presentation
  3. "What is an Improved Stove?" Report
  4. Proposed Benchmarks for Wood Burning Cooking Stoves

Gasification Information

  1. Biomass Gasification: Clean Residential Stoves, Commercial Power Generation, and Global Impacts (By Paul S. Anderson, Thomas B. Reed)
  2. Rice Husk Gas Stove Handbook (By Alexis T. Belonio, Preface by Paul S. Anderson)
  3. A Wood-Gas Stove for Developing Countries (By Thomas B. Reed, Ronal Larson)

Charcoal Emissions Information

  1. Emission factors of wood and charcoal-fired cook-stoves
  2. Charcoal Production with Reduced Emissions
  1. Project Reference: Wood-Gas Camp Stove
  2. A Report on Some Experiments with the Top-Lit Up Draft Stove
  3. BioEnergy Lists: Improved Biomass Cooking Stoves

Sources recommended by Paul S. Anderson and Thomas B. Reed:

  1. Construction of a simplified wood gas generator
  2. Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine