P10461: Thermo-Electri Cook Stove #2

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Our team is charged with designing the mechanical and structural aspects to a biomass stove that will utilize a fan and thermo-electric system such that it will see a significant reduction in fuel consumption and reduction in emissions, in comparison with current stoves, with the intent to improve health conditions of the Haitian people, and contribute to decrease the rate of deforestation in Haiti.

Our design and prototype need to interface with the systems developed by MSD Team P10451 and MSD Team P10462.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

1. Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.)

2. People of Haiti

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

1. Similar developing markets

2. Possible outdoor/camping applications


1. Limited budget for design and prototyping from EPA P3 grant


Dr. Robert Stevens, Faculty Guide

Dr. Richard Lux, Faculty Guide

MSD Team P10451

MSD Team P10462

Rose Marie Chierici, Executive Director, Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA P3 Project)