P10503: Electrophotographic Transfer Station Upgrade

Final Design Review Minutes

Additions to project from P90503: - Dark enclosure also for safety as operating in darkness pre10503 was a concern - Warm white LEDs used because photoreceptor was not responsive to 90503 Blue LEDs

- Expanded design of fixture allows focus on each subsystem in addition to seeing the big picture of xerography as a whole

- Potential to be a "legacy device", CAD Model from 10503 will aid in this

- Haven't performed mass of toner of paper this quarter, however equipment to perform this test is available from Marcos

- Potentially look into safe light concept again in addition to dark enclosure

- Please replace the velcro roller

- Also refer to EDGE P10503 for specced out McMaster Carr pneumatics replacement

- Need new mounts for 2 extra ESVM probes (after develop and after pre-transfer)