P10503: Electrophotographic Transfer Station Upgrade

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Project Planning:

After consulting the customers of P10503 as well as convening as a team, we determined a number of customer needs. The primary customer needs as a result expectingly came out to be operator/observer safety, functionality of the fixture, and ease of use of the physical fixture and the LabView interface.

Safety concerns we noted immediately included settings for voltages, settings for currents, and settings for velocities of both the P/R carriage and rollers because they create pinch points. Functionality of the fixture was defined by whether or not each of the substations were functional as well as whether or not the demonstration of xerography was achieved at the end of the process. Ease of use for the most part includes factors such as being able to use the user interface without much need of documentation (although documentation will still exist) or thorough understanding of xerography, as well as optimizing maintenance and fixture reboot processes.

Concept Selection:

Stemming from the customer needs, our group brainstormed various solutions in order to implement features to meet them. These ranged from mechanical concepts to interface layout solutions.

<Copy and paste old concept selection/screening here and describe them>

<Also include LED light responsivity plot here and why we chose white light>

Test Plans:

To ensure the overall effectiveness of the concept solutions we decided to implement above, we developed a series of tests in order to determine the functionality of each substation as well as our dark enclosure.

<Describe each substation's test here as well as precedents for each test>