P10503: Electrophotographic Transfer Station Upgrade

Week 1 Deliverable

Staffing (Click to enlarge):


Project Manager: Lam Nguyen, Jr. (Ben)

Team Operating Principles=

Meeting Time: weekly 8pm-10pm


Ben: Interface Design, Safety, Pre-Transfer Erase Subsystem Lead

Dan: Controls, Mechanical Testing, Transfer Subsystem Lead

Steve: Controls, Back-End, Exposure Subsystem Lead

Adam: Fixturing, Electromechanics, Development Subsystem Lead

Amar: Wiring Expert, Safety, Charging Subsystem Lead

Jeff: LabView Expert


-Issues the previous team had

-The components that have already been completed

-Goal of end product (teaching purposes, R&D)

-General overview of the system operation


-Plan of attack

-Work breakdown structure

-Technical knowledge

-Team leads

-Bill of materials