P10503: Electrophotographic Transfer Station Upgrade

Week 2 Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes: 12/7 @ 8pm

-Go Over fixture -> see flat plate xerographic fixture - functional process map handout.

* For Friday: Team Roles and Responsibilities; Customer Requirements

Xerographic Process Stations

Charge Station: Voltage controllers: Coronode => Grid

* All Controllable parameters should be included in the lab view UI * These should be recordable vs. time for the operational run * Feed back for the operator such as carriage location in process * Green things on process map are for feedback GUI * Consider issues with stray light for exposing * Resulting voltage after charge

Carriage: Possible need to vary carriage velocity across system from station to station

* Limit switches to keep carriage from hitting the ends ** Safety Issue**

Exposing Station: Lamp intensity adjustable?

* How long to expose for? * Carriage is stationary during this stage * Exposed Voltage to user interface

Development Station:

* Measure mass of toner after exposure =>Not which lab view; measured directly (g/cm2) * DC voltage on development sleeve - Development Bias? AC & DC voltages?

=>Rotation speed of development roll onto the photoreceptor

* Toner Carrier: 25-40 um dia.; toner charged negatively; carrier positively * Sleeve speed + development roll speed control the Mass on Roll(MOR) value * Space between development to photoreceptor gap => Probably a fixed gap width

Pre-Transfer Erase: Creates a fixed voltage behind the exposed mask => creates a uniform voltage across the photoreceptor Controllable:

* Photoreceptor voltage * Photoreceptor spacing with lamp * Speed it passes over the lamp * Voltage output from the exposure is the input to the Pre-Transfer Erase o We need to develop a simple imaging mask for testing**

Transfer Station:

* Synchronize speed between carriage and transfer station rollers * Interm. Bias Voltage (+volts) opposite toner charge so the toner is completely transferred to the roll * Pressure of roll onto photoreceptor may make a large difference: find a way to adjust air pressure in lifting cylinders? * Change Velcro roller to grab paper to feed into transfer roller => Rubber rollers? * There is no cleaning solution for the transfer rollers or photoreceptor plate => this is not within the scope of this project; we just want toner on paper.

Power Supplies: Labview input into DC power supplies for corona, grid and toner bias to control these voltages

* Look into hard wear options for analog inputs to computer/ Labview

Project Goals:

* Rank customer needs

* Do all processes need to be functional? Are some more important than others?