P10503: Electrophotographic Transfer Station Upgrade

Week 3 Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes 12/11 @ 1:30pm

-Highlight important deliverables for next week -Customer Needs -Eng. Specs. -Project Plan -Norms and Values -Concept Generation -Risk Assessment -Functional Diagram

For Next week: Take customer needs and turn them into 1) Functional 2) Eng. Specs

Today: Rank customer needs, Team norms and values -Try for weds 2-4pm for meeting on presentations, progress report, make sure all deliverables are met

-If someone can not make Friday or Monday meetings; they must try to let us know in advance; if you miss a meeting you must meet with one of the others to get caught up.

-Ethics: Do not pirate soft wear for this project; do not plagiarize material -All work done belongs to the group as a whole update group on all progress -Cite all sources for tech. material and presentation pictures

-All decisions must be general consensus or majority rule -Leads on each subsystem will be key decision makers for that system

-Everyone must participate in presentations

Customer Needs Rankings

KEY: 3-Required; 2-Important; 1-Desired

Must Be Operational Toner on paper -Functional subsystems 3 -Further Optimization -Expose in dark 1 -Lifting Systems 1 -Replace Velcro Rollers 2 -Transfer station roller pressure 2 -Education Goals -Explain stations Visually 2 -Illustrates Operational Metrics 2 -R&D Goals -Ability to test new subsystem 2 -Modulize System components 1

Documentation -Instructions 3 -Project Design Documents 3 -Hard Wear Specifications 3

Safety -Determine voltages/pinch points 3 -Stepping motor -Velocity control of carriage 2 -Soft wear / hard wear stop gap measures 2

Interface -Display relevant controls/ ease of use 2 -Plot Relevant metrics/ outputs & utilization of subsystems 2

Functional/ System Design -Mechanical / Electromechanical -Lab view Back end: wiring I/O for system -Lab view Front end: UI I/O for lab view Recording data in UI

Future Goals: -In system presentation have background for each system as a pop-up animation when you select a subsystem

Team Meetings 12/14/09 8pm

Jeff has been working on carriage movement UI -We discussed recording the actual movement rate of the carriage during each of the stations that it moves through -For each subsystem UI have a user input of speed

Go over customer requirements with mike: -Use pair wise comparison chart to find absolute ranks -Breakdown educational and R&D -Plan finalized for next week -> what are you going to do, how long does it take -PUGH assessment for concept generation -Part of our concept generation will include risk assessment of each concept -Compare to baseline (what exists already)

-Make sure Mr. Esterman is on board with all customer needs and their rankings

-Limit switches for carriage movement : use existing magnetic switches for limit switches on both ends, and a switch for home position -Initialize the carriage and send it home when it first starts up

-Work breakdown structure on EDGE