P10541: Micro-gloss Measurement System Improvements


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The word "gloss" is intuitively easy to understand, but making an optical measurement that correlates well with the perception of gloss remains a challenge. The hypothesis behind this project is that both spatial resolution (micro-) and angular resolution (gonio-) are required of an instrument in order to correlate meaningfully with visual perceptions of gloss and also with the underlying causes of gloss. Thus, a micro-goniophotometric bench-top instrument has been developed and demonstrated. This instrument collects polarized and un-polarized reflections from a sample wrapped around a cylinder to extract the specular and diffuse components. While this instrument has been successful in collecting more information than a traditional gloss meter, there are two issues that prevent its mass adoption: the above instrument is a bench-top experimental device that is not user-friendly and work is needed to correlate the device output to human visual perception. The objective of this multidisciplinary design project is to address the former issue. Correlation of the device to human visual is more appropriate as a research topic.

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Printing Systems Family
Printing and Imaging Systems Track
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Faculty Guide
Gerry Garavuso
Faculty Consultants
Jonathan Arney
Marcos Esterman
Industrial Consultants
Dale Mashtare, Member of Research Staff, Xerox Corporation
Marcos Esterman, RIT ISE Faculty & Prism Lab, Dr. Jonathan S. Arney

Team Members

Member Name Major Role Picture
Ahmed Alfadhel EE Integration and automation of the system hardware public/ahmed.png
Jason Smith ME Enclosure design, sample loading mechanicals, other hardware mechanical design needs support public/jason.png
Tim Salter ME Team leader, enclosure design, sample loading mechanicals, other hardware mechanical design needs support public/tim.png
Mike Neurohr CE Simplify Java program, initiation of system routine, user interface, and integration of hardware automation public/mike.png

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