P10541: Micro-gloss Measurement System Improvements

Meeting Minutes

MSD 1:

Meeting Minutes
Week Day Description
1 Friday Breakout groups:
  • Team member introductions
    • Discuss personal background info, interests, year level etc.
  • Review project roles and prep package
  • Discuss basic projects expectations
  • Review team values and norms
  • Setup group meeting time for Sundays at 1 PM
  • Select project manager

Faculty Guide Meeting

  • Group introductions
  • Overview and explanation of microgoniophotometer operation
  • Define purpose of project and basic customer needs
  • Demonstration of microgoniophotometer
  • Further discussion of device operation, limitations, and project constraints

Next Meeting (Sunday, 12/6/09):

  • Identify Customer Needs
  • Begin to summarize the requirements; produce requirements document
  • Quantify ease of use, translate from customer needs to engineering requirements
  • Create a summary of what will be delivered at the end of the quarter

- All items to be completed by team by morning of Friday, 12/11/09

2 Sunday 12/6/09
  • Meet with John Arney at Center for Imaging Science lab
  • Team members learn to operate current gloss measurement device
  • Establish customer specifications
  • Establish preliminary project specifications
  • Discuss preliminary concerns regarding hardware and software integration
2 Friday 12/11/09
  • Risk management power point presentation
    • Types of risk (project, technical, market)
    • Identify risks
  • System level design presentation
    • Quality, cost design
  • Status reports for each group
    • What has been accomplished so far
    • What we are currently doing
    • Future plans
  • Finalize customers needs
  • Finalize engineering specs
  • Meet with John Arney
    • Further instructions on device operation
    • Review and verify customer needs, engineering specs, HOQ
    • Gather device parameters (angles, measurements, etc.)
    • Definition of gloss
    • Gain understanding of the output data and what does it mean
3 Friday 12/18/09
4 Tuesday, Wednesday 05-06/01/10
  • Discuss system level design
  • Discuss the individual concepts
  • Discuss preliminary concerns regarding hardware and software integration/automation
4 Friday 08/01/10
  • Discuss system level design with guide and customer
  • Discuss the individual concepts with guide and customer
4 Saturday, Sunday 09-10/01/10
  • Finalize concept screening
  • Discuss concept selection
  • Discuss risk assessment
  • Generate Gannt chart
  • Generate Poreto chart
  • System level design packet preparation
  • System level design presentation preparation
5 Thursday 14/01/10
  • Finalize system level design presentation
6 Tuesday 19/01/10
  • Discuss lessons gained from system level design presentation
  • Discuss issues from system level design presentation
  • Order parts needed for testing
7 Friday 29/01/10
  • Discuss some of the camera mounting issues with Dr. Arney
  • Discuss the testing plan with Dr. Arney
    • Camera functioning
    • Lens zoom as a replacement of different cylinder diameter
    • Lens stay in focus
    • Gamma-1 test for the camera
  • Test the new lens and capture images for analysis
  • Test Tri-color LED
7 Sunday 31/01/10
  • Discuss detailed Design Review
    • Micro-goniophotometer theory
    • Risk Assessment
    • Specs
    • Customer needs
    • Concepts changes vs. risks
    • Detailed test plan for the overall system
    • Final design concepts
    • Final design drawings
    • BOM
  • Discuss detailed test plan for the purchased items
  • Upload Pictures, specs, and needs to edge website

MSD 2:

Meeting Minutes
Week Day Description
1 Friday
  • Begin algorithm translation
  • Talk to Gerry about deliverables
    • Growth curves
    • Percent completeness
    • Device operating procedures
    • Analysis of stress in device (mechanical)
    • Week 4 review presentation
2 Friday
  • Clarified linear interpolation with Jeff and tried to clarify ksmooth
  • Reassemble old device
  • Meet with Jon to ensure proper assembly of device
  • Discuss operating procedures
  • Discuss what has been completed since last Friday’s meeting
  • What we will be doing over the next week?
  • Create/define growth curves
  • Start project plan for week 4 review
  • Review MSD II grading rubric and schedule
3 Friday
  • Clarified ksmooth with Jon, collected old device data
  • Discuss progress of device thus far (mechanical, electrical, programing)
  • Ensure everyone is on schedule with their respective tasks
  • Go over what will be included in week 4 review report
  • Continue to work on respective individual tasks
  • Ask Jon about dust/dirt on lens
    • Clean with can of compressed air ONLY
4 Friday
  • Reviewed progress with Gerry, Jon, and Marcos
  • Reviewed data collection procedures and received corrections
  • Go over issues regarding incomplete hardware
    • Polarizer
    • F-stop adjustment
    • Focal area measurement piece
  • Discuss current device progress and construction with Jon and Gerry
  • Present week 4 review presentation
    • Discuss data collect from old device
    • Determine that there is an problem with data collection method
    • Setup meeting with Jon to correct problem
    • Seem to be on schedule except for data collection
5 Tuesday Review progress with team
5 Wednesday Review correct data collection procedures with team and Jon