P10543: Color Management System Upgrade


This project will provide automated positioning of Specimens for color testing.

Project Summary Project Information

An existing, partially operational Color Measurement System needs to be upgraded. Color Quality measurements require observing the sample at different incident and detection angles. The current system is manually controlled, this project will result in a fully automated system. This will allow measurements to be taken without the presence of an operator. This project would enable (3) Degrees of Automated, Accurate and Precise positioning. In addition, there is requirement to automatically exchange the sample to be measured with a known reference standard.

For an introduction to this project, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. More detailed information will be discussed in class with your Guide and Customer.


Group Members

Dale Turley - Project Manager

Jason Herrling - Lead Engineer

Sam Siebert - Systems Engineer

Dave Wagner - Systems Engineer

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Project Name
Color Management System Upgrade
Project Number
Project Family
Controls & Automation
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Start Term
2009 Winter
End Term
2009 Spring
Faculty Guide
Edward C. Hanzlik (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. David Wyble (CIS)
Primary Customer
Dr. David Wyble (CIS)

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