P10662: D3 Engineering Camera Platform
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Project Management

This project has been re-scoped during the winter quarter and most of the scheduling has changed. The team is currently on track and the Weekly performance of the team and the teams schedule can be reviewed.

Team Organization

This project has been split into two main groups, The mechanical team and the electrical team. The mechanical team has been given responsibilities of designing and manufacturing the electronics enclosure. The electrical team has been tasks with designing the electrical system and designing software to interface the various components of the system. The two teams meet on a weekly basis to verify all parts of the design are compatible and verify the team(s) are on track to achieve progress according to the schedule.

Electrical Team

Gregory Hintz (Electrical Engineering)
Samuel Skalicky (Computer Engineering)
Jeremy Greene (Electrical Engineering)
*Advisor- Scott Reardon (D3 Engineering)

Mechanical Team

Michelle Bard (Mechanical Engineering)
Anthony Perrone (Mechanical Engineering)
*Advisor- Kevin Kearney (D3 Engineering)

Project Schedule

For a complete project in Microsoft Project along with status updates. MS Project Plan Spring Quarter

Current Progress

Last Updated Friday 3/19/10
 Recent MS Project Status

Recent MS Project Status

Past Images of Project Schedule

Week 1
Image not captured
Week 2


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