P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

Detailed Design Review Notes


Chris-materials or resources needed

Stephanie???-time needed

Beginning of shift -yes or no?! Wyatt-start of shift!!! 5:30am set-up

Have to check the specific dates of each kaizen in advance to avoid production issues

Cleaning station = "wash room"

Number of vats/dump tables to start the kaizen with

Need provisions/fall back plan if production gets behind after 4 hours, 6 hours, etc

John- Training in kaizen for the employees? At least in the first one to go over degrees of freedom, rights & responsibilities, ground rules, etc.

Chris-communicate the entire plan & all its details

Multivac OEE??? How will we measure it? Chris-OEE is best to tell right/wrong direction

Is everything that was scheduled for that day getting done? really important not to get behind


stainless tables (not good in case we need to cut other products)

Chris-Kaizen by itself they already have spare tables. See if the employees can just do it

Ross training has been why we're short staffed

Steph-smaller conveyor possibly available; maybe modify movable workstations on that one

Wyatt- Stainless tables: might need to do cutting at the conveyor, so we need poly topping; removable stations

Movable everything's still taking up space because of storage

18ft, 30ft; conveyor from R&D room, maintain 2ft of cutting surface, they were going to make them detachable

Short conveyor would be sufficient

John - cardboard cutouts in a separate space in one day; maybe use the R&D pilot lab to do this as a Kaizen

DECISION: short conveyor is coming in, so use that one, and re-evaluate space metrics

Dump Table

Casters: is there a way to quantify the change?

Drain bucket flush with bottom

Diameter of springs: 3/4", getting gummed up? Larger spring diameter could be better

400 lb total

Can't get stainless springs, but Jesse has found them, will research more

Drain for the springs, spring is removable too

Scott likes the concept!

Chris/Wyatt- grate traveling along side of table; 1/16" or 1/8" depends on testing

Stainless or a UHM material, help it slide, don't worry about metal on metal?

Try to modify first

Drain bucket handle welded in, stationary

Look into where to get pieces made, welding parts done

Scott: in-house maintenance resources, or outside contractor; time is the only issue

Window of time: let Chris know so we can find in house resources

Column Dumper

Scott-is this gate latch going to be enough for 300 lb?

Look into the material "vinyl foam" being able to be used in a raw food environment

MSDS sheets for the chemicals/materials

Will the latch stick out so far to catch on anyone's leg or clothes? Nope its all good

Are the casters bolted on? Right now yes, so it should be relatively easy to remove & attach new ones

Will the wheels work too well & allow the dumper to "escape?"

VEMAG vats

Angle the handle out to accommodate foot length of user

Attach at more than one point so there is no twisting

Write an email to everyone to list all of the action items discussed in the presentation